2018 Plans

Chris Jones Gaming


My 2018 plans for this website, well, the plan is that there is no plan. You may have noticed there has not been a post on this site since October of 2017.  I missed the entire 2017 holiday season. That’s not just not wanting to do it, it’s for lack of time. I have other priorities. The radio station stuff is occupying my time at the moment, along with real life. There really is no time to pursue the venture of Chris Jones Gaming and do it properly so it’s just not going to get done at this time, if ever. That’s indefinitely… There may be no further posts on this site.

Social Media

The Facebook will continue and the Twitter will continue, Chris Jones underscore Now is the Twitter, the Facebook is Chris Jones Gaming.. those will continue on a limited basis.


The website itself will not have a post until I decide to do something.. either take it offline completely or develop it to its fullest extent. It could be a while if ever.

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Game Concepts, News, Reviews, and Lifestyle.